Families SA must be fully staffed

The State Liberals are demanding Premier Jay Weatherill ensures Families SA is fully staffed as
soon as possible.

Blowing the whistle on Families SA’s failures

The State Liberals have received a steady stream of confronting information from concerned Families SA employees about a string of mismanaged child protection cases in the wake of the Hillier tragedy and the Royal Commissioner’s determination that Families SA should be removed from the Education Department.

Minister’s cold shoulder to grieving grandparents

The State Liberals have released an email sent by the paternal grandparents of the children involved in the Hillier tragedy to the Minister for Child Protection Reform John Rau on June the 5th that the grandparents claim the Minister is yet to reply to.

Families SA’s role in Hillier tragedy must be examined

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to immediately begin investigating Families SA’s handling of the Hillier tragedy and present a report to State Parliament next week.

Hindley St at night no place for children

The State Liberals are extremely concerned about the proposed reduction to the opening hours of police stations across the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Offices no place for children to sleep

The State Liberals have described news that children taken into care by Families SA were forced to sleep on mattresses on the floor of Government offices as disgraceful.

Audit of children in residential care

In the wake of news that Families SA has been forced to house children on mattresses in government offices the State Liberals are calling for a complete audit of all children and young people living in residential care facilities to ensure every effort has been made to place them with a family.

Chloe Valentine’s tragic anniversary

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Government to prioritise the passage of child protection legislation based on the Coroner’s recommendations stemming from the inquest into the tragic death of Chloe Valentine in Parliament.

Registration and Regulation of South Australian Social Workers

Shadow Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson has questioned why it has taken the State
Labor Government 13 years to begin thinking about requiring the registration of social workers.

Liberals reject Housing Improvement Bill

The State Liberals have voted against the Housing Improvement Bill in State Parliament despite the Weatherill Government accepting 21 Liberal amendments to the Bill.